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2021 Guide: The Woodlands TX Real Estate Market Forecast

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There’s so much you can do in The Woodlands, Texas – from adventures like hiking to some peaceful activities like taking a stroll along The Waterway promenade. This is a perfect place for unforgettable experiences. But with the pandemic, how much do we know about the real estate listings? Here’s what you need to know.

About The Woodlands

The Community

The Woodlands is a 28,000-acre master-planned community in Texas. The place was filled with trees when it was founded in 1974 and it is located in the northern part of Houston, Texas. Since then, it grew to approximately 116,000 residents and almost 2,000 businesses. Communities in The Woodlands are very welcoming, and each visitor or tourist has never complained about their stay here.

Building Homes And Saving The Environment

The Woodlands comprises nine residential villages, a resort, hotel, commercial centers, hospitals, recreational activities, and so much more. Among all communities in Houston, The Woodlands practice environmental preservation. 7,665 acres of the area are dedicated to greenbelts and golf courses, and 28% or approximately 8,000 acres will remain an undeveloped green space.

Dining and Entertainment

Businessmen and tourists are in love with the efficiency and the accessibility of The Woodlands to different areas. This community is a 20-minute drive to the George Bush International Airport Houston.

If you want to shop, dine and have some fun, the Town Center is the perfect place for you. It is a 1,000-acre place for shopping, dining, and entertainment. You can find some famous The Woodlands Mall, Waterway, Market Street, and the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. Aside from the usual shopping and dining, the Town Center can get as colorful as it gets with festivals!

Join in for some activities such as the Taste the Town festival every January, the Red, Hot, and Blue Festival happening every July, the Lighting of the Doves during the holidays, and many more.

Healthcare and Education

One of The Woodland’s top priorities is healthcare and education. Especially during these times, the Township, the Woodlands’s governmental service provider, ensures that each resident has access and information to healthcare and education. Hospitals in The Woodland are catered to different needs and ages, from cancer patient hospitals to children’s hospitals.

The community also offers quality education from preschool up to graduate school. There are three public school districts and a total of 23 public schools in the whole area for K-12 students. For private institutions, there are nine acclaimed private schools and several daycare centers. Colleges and universities in The Woodlands offer various disciplines for work or other career opportunities.

Local Real Estate Market Situation

Most real estates during the COVID-19 pandemic have been inconsistent, but not for Houston. The information HAR provides us that Houston’s market home prices remained high, and it gained $42 Billion in value in 2020.

According to Norada Real Estate Investments and Houston Association of Realtors (HAR), “the average amount of days a home stays on market even shortened from an average of 59 days to 46 days.” They also added that buyers are buying homes faster because they want to take advantage of the low mortgage rates.

Housing Market Predictions for 2021

What’s in store for local real estates this 2021? In Houston, it will continue its momentum it made in 2020. Information from experts provides that home sales from 2020 experienced double-digit gains and that this trend will not go away this 2021.

Houston has been selling houses for quite some time already, and this can still be observed in 2021. The area’s economy began to slow down when the oil prices lowered. Despite the plunge in oil prices, there’s no sign of problems occurring in the housing trend anytime soon.

Houston real estates will continue also continue to rise in 2021. With this prediction, this is the perfect time to buy a house in Houston. If you have to wait for another 12 months, the house value will increase to 6-7%.

Houston is a seller’s real estate market this year. Remember that there are only a few houses available, and it is highly probable the buyers will compete for houses. Hence, the increase in house value and quicker sales.

Effect of COVID-19 on Home Prices

However, sales fell at the beginning of the pandemic. Most single-family homes declined at a whopping 20 percent. New listings also dropped its sales. A surge of closing happened in June 2020 when stay-at-home orders expired, and this resulted in several houses go under some contracts. Luckily, the home sales rose back again just in time for the summer season.

The current median price of homes in The Woodlands, Texas is $747,000. The home values in the Houston area have remained consistent this year. Its appreciation rate is slightly above the national rate because of its diverse economy and high demand for housing. Houston is one of the top and the hottest real estate markets in the USA.

There has been an increase in listing in July 2020 which led to the rise of home sales in Houston. But there lies a slow comeback in the market because of the surge of cases in the Greater Houston area and other places in Texas.

COVID-19 made a huge impact on the whole economy, but the real estate market slowly made its way up. Realtors became creative in marketing their homes to the public while practicing minimum health protocols imposed by the World Health Organization.

Investment Opportunities

While areas in Houston are somewhat competitive, you should not underestimate the investment opportunities in this place, especially in The Woodlands. If you want to invest for the long-term and increase your cash flow, consider looking into this area as you can score great deals. The metro area of Houston offers great investment opportunities because of its stable market – that is, it has equity growth and an increase in cash flow with a price below its replacement value.

So, if you want to buy or sell properties in Houston or even in The Woodlands, you should know how to time as it is an important aspect of real estate investment.

Types of Properties

As the best-selling master-planned communities in Houston, Texas, The Woodlands has different properties. It consists of single-family homes, apartments, condominiums, and townhouses. The ever-growing number of residents in the area leads to the rise of homebuilders and real estate specialists offering property listings.

What Can The Woodlands Offer?

As mentioned earlier, The Woodlands is built for people who want to live in a safe, peaceful, and entertaining community. But what can The Woodlands offer? No need to search further, as we listed down the things you can find in this area!

Commercial and Business Centers

The Town Center is one of the most-visited commercial centers in The Woodlands. The Town Center is one of the premier shopping malls in Houston. Be amazed as you enter the mall filled with over 160 fashion stores! Going here is only a 30-minute drive coming from the north of Houston.

Experience shopping and dining like no other by walking along Market Street. If you want to have a romantic date with your partner or have a movie time with your family, this place is the way to go.

This 28,000-acre community also has different shopping centers all over the place! You can find others in different villages. Anywhere you go, you won’t feel missed out on the latest fashion trends.

Best Communities

The Woodlands has several gated communities to ensure the resident’s safety in their villages. Here are some of the well-known communities:

Alden Bridge

Alden Bridge is one of the newest and also largest villages in the community. It was established in 1994 by Roger Galatas, the former president of The Woodlands Operating Company. He named the village after his hometown in Louisiana. This village is accessible to the Research Forest and the University Center.

Village of College Park

This village was named because of its nearby locations, the Lone Star College and the University Center. Village of College Park is also near Harper’s Landing and Windsor Hills, where the former was negotiated to be a part of The Woodlands.

Village of Indian Springs

The Village of Indian Springs is the smallest in The Woodlands, having only 2,200 homes with approximately 6,000 residents. The village’s name came from the Indian artifacts from the Bidai Tribe of the Atakapan Indians. This village is a secluded one, and it is the only village that has actual hills. You can find several parks here, such as Falconwing Park and Forestgate Park.

Sterling Ridge

Sterling Ridge has beautiful sceneries, a friendly neighborhood, fun activities, several schools, and so much more. The village was founded in 1999, The Woodland’s 25th anniversary. Aside from this momentous foundation, Sterling Ridge is home to the widely known Gary Player Golf Course. As of the moment, Sterling Ridge has over 900 single-family homes. Creekside Park

Grogan’s Mill

Grogan’s Mill is The Woodlands’s first and oldest village. It is nearby The Woodlands Town Center, and it is home to 13, 412 people.

Cochran’s Crossing

The Village of Cochran’s Crossing is located in the center or heart of The Woodlands. It is named after the Cochran Family, the co-owner of the Grogan Cochran Lumber Company. When they sold the land in 1964, the land has been inhabited by almost 16,000 residents. One of the best attractions in this place is the Arnold Palmer at The Woodlands Country Club, where golfers always swear by.

Panther Creek

The Panther Creek is the second village established. It is located in the western part of the Lake Woodlands and it is a walking and biking distance to the Town Center. You can also see in this place other known neighborhoods like West Isle, Windward Cove, Splitrock, etc.

Beautiful Homes and Rental Spaces

Homes in The Woodlands will make you feel like you don’t want to go elsewhere! The majority of the houses in this community are single-family homes. For instance, in the gated Carlton Woods, there lies a luxury house that will give you a Tuscan style. The house has a complete set of amenities, it is nearby shopping centers and schools, and the village is safe and secured. The future owner will truly enjoy their new home.

Lakefront and Waterfront

If you want to live in a more peaceful village with fewer distractions, lakefront and waterfront Woodland houses may be perfect for you. Mansions in these areas are truly one of a kind, and they easily apprise according to listings in HAR.


Everywhere you go in The Woodlands, houses are filled with luxury houses such as mansions. Choose the best realtor in spotting the best deals for buying mansions.

Best Tips to Buy and Sell Your Home

Did you fall in love with the beauty of The Woodlands? Or do you want to move to a different place or country? Before you hop on to buying or selling your house, there are some things you must know the tips and tricks to successfully find the best house or the best buyer of your house.

Find the Property That Suits Your Needs

In scouting for properties, you must know what you’re looking for in the market. What kind of home do you prefer? A house that has two to three bedrooms for your children? A walkable neighborhood to the center of the city? Remember that you also need to know the real estate market trends so you can get deals in buying or selling your homes.

Do Your Research

The most important step in buying or selling your house is to research. You need to know how much houses cost, when is the best season to buy or sell, the cost of the mortgage payment, and so on. You always have to come prepared before making the next big move!

Get a Listing Agent or Realtor

You can never go wrong with hiring a real estate agent or realtor. Agents or realtors can help you save time and money in choosing the perfect house for you. To get started, choose an agent or realtor who is knowledgeable in the area. They can determine if your desired home is within your budget or not, and they can also suggest other homes that are suitable for your needs.

Consider Your Finances

Your home is a long-term investment. Payments do not end with buying the home of your dreams, you have to weigh in other factors: mortgage, real estate tax, and many more. Don’t forget the house maintenance in the long run. Always consider your finances, and they should be within your means.

Have A Look Around

Looking through the photos of your dream home isn’t enough. You have to see the house for yourself while exercising precautionary measures to protect yourself against COVID-19. Check if you like the amenities of your desired house. After that, check if you prefer the neighborhood and its accessibility to major commercial centers for your needs and wants.

Ask your agent if you can avail of a multiple listing service in your area, or you can search for a database of homes for sale. Just make sure to do the process of elimination and prioritize the homes that suit your needs first.

Make An Offer

If you’re buying a home, there are chances where your seller can lower down the price. But first, you have to make the best offer to get your hands on those house keys. With the help of your real estate agent, prepare an offer package, your pre-approval letter, proof that you can pay the downpayment, and terms and conditions.

Inspect and Negotiate Repairs

Now that you have finally found your dream home, have an overall home inspection to check if there are any leaks or other mechanical issues. Home inspections are essential because this will determine what will happen in the closing process.

For sellers, be prepared to make some adjustments to your rates if your buyer sees any problems with your house. So be sure to repair or check all parts of your home first before listing it to a real estate agency.

The Perfect Home

To search for the perfect house in The Woodlands shouldn’t be difficult. We, at Woodlands Specialists, provide our clients the best residential and commercial real estate in The Woodlands. For more information, contact us at 832.599.5757
or email Walter Ehrhardt at walter(at)thewoodlandsspecialists(dotted)com.